Saturday, 24 February 2018

What projects to have with a Non Profit

How did the non-profit happen?

Last year World life experience offered a donation to the station of 2500 Euros. The idea to start a non-profit has seemed like a good idea for a while, yet nothing had ever come my way to spring the idea into motion. From a distance this is probably the most obvious way to get things moving, it gives a path for people that want to help, a way to help. It’s not been easy at times to manage people that just want to help out in an alternate business environment. This year because of the contribution from world life experience, the station has a non-profit. Kulturní Stanice. Founded by Lucie Šavlíková, Markéta Gottwaldová & Pavla Waldhauserova.

Why have a non-profit?

In the last years through the many people that have passed through the place, lots of ideas about what might happen here have have been documented. You can visit them here at this link.  For now the station grows through revenues brought to the station through airbnb and the good will of volunteers that arrive via the workaway project. The progress is slow, using volunteers works, yet some things need to be done by professionals, especially with old buildings. As the building is a cultural monument many subsidies are available. Its been difficult to follow all the steps, as a non-profit it might be easier. To organise events in a community that fit with the community is difficult in a low density population area. I'd prefer not to go into a deal with the bank and a construction company, or have to make deals with concert promoters. I'd rather work with a community in connection with a non-profit.

If you have an idea, that you'd like to bring to the station, or want to work with ideas already in motion, write us.

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