Monday, 22 January 2018

Answers to questions about starting project in cultural monument. Accommodation/volunteers/bikes.

-If you want to make any changes to an historic building, you have to put them through often the reason why these kind of buildings are sold at a low cost, is because its not possible to do much with a cultural monument, without huge cost.

-It took around 6-12 months to get approval to paint the windows. To allow volunteers to paint windows rather than experts, is also a little complicated. NPU are still yet to give me permission to paint the doors. If you can finance it, 70 percent of costs can be covered by the state. Yet your obligated to use qualified people, that have a wealth of skills. You'll have to pay the costs and after the job is done to the expectation of, you can then ask for money back. This makes it very complicated, as you really have to run the project in conjunction with a bank and construction company. Fortunately i don't have any 100 percent immediate jobs that need to be done.

-In your situation, it might be important to make sure that no immediate works have to be done on the building. I suggest contacting and seeing what parts of the building are protected and what you can do. Prior to buying. The real-estate agent might be selling you something worth 1 CZ, for a million.  Process with the NPU, has its reasons, yet its not simple.

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