How To Find The Station

Public Transport.

A Direct train from Prague or Plzen is most likely the best way to arrive. If you copy and paste " Kařez ,, Borek " into the destination on IDOS website, you will see what connections take you directly to the station. Borek bus station is right out the front of Zbiroh Nadrazi. Often trains run late and the bus does not wait, so you might have to walk, or you might just want to walk, the path is well lit and smooth. The entrance to the path is opposite the only restaurant on the main street. If you goto this link you can see the path on google maps. Also, you can call +420 731228882 . Do not walk on the tracks. 


The station is located 2KM off the highway, half way between the city of Plzen and the city of Prague on highway E50. Look for the exit that says "Kařez". If you put Zbiroh in to your navigation system, and your on the way from Prague or Plzen via the highway, you will find your way. The exact address is Karez 71. Find the exact point on google maps. Type "Zbiroh, Kařez".

Direct Trains Praha/ Karez

07:13 (Praha) - 08:24 (Kařez,,Bořek)
11:12 (Praha) - 12:24 (Kařez,,Bořek)
15:12 (Praha) - 16:24 (Kařez,,Bořek)
19:12 (Praha) - 20:24 (Kařez,,Bořek)
23:37 (Praha) - 00:37 (Kařez,,Bořek)

4:41   (Kařez)-                5:43  (Praha)
5:30   (Kařez, Borek) -   6:43  (Praha)
7:29   (Kařez, Borek) -   8:43  (Praha)
11:31 (Kařez, Borek) - 12:43  (Praha)
15:32 (Kařez, Borek) - 16:43  (Praha)
19:30 (Kařez, Borek)-  20:43  (Praha)

Trains meet a bus going to Borek.

(Kařez, Borek) = Zbiroh Nadrazi

Walking path to the station.

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