workaway- Living here

-Wake up to cook for 7am, and sleep around 11pm.
-Shower after work.
-One load of washing per week.
-No texting during meal and working time.
-Eat at meal times.
-Keep physical contact minimal.
-Keep track of your work gloves.
-Don't download torrents online, streaming is okay.

-Working with so many people from different places, there are a lot of different opinions and ways to do things. Think your ideas through, and remember to ask people 
-If you want to do something in your freetime that involves a lot of time, it's possible to get up earlier, ask for some early morning tasks.
-Interact in a friendly way with airbnb guests, yet don't plan trips or activities.

We recycle food leftovers by walking them to behind the station for composting. We also recycle paper, plastics, glass, and metals. The rubbish is separated and taken to recycling by the workawayers at least once a week.
The plastic, paper, and glass recycling is at the bottom of the incline that leads to the back of the station, and straight on to the three multicoloured recycling drum.
The metal gets taken to a different place, lids, cans and other things.
The compost heap is by the side of the building. When you are at the front of the station, turn to your left, and move past the entire building, and the shed, walk through the greenery, and you can’t miss it!
Below is a helpful diagram.

We make porridge in the morning, every morning! To make porridge, you have to mix: oats, raisins, and boiling water into a big pan. We often add poppy seeds, coconut pieces, Flaxseed,  honey or sugar. Let it soak overnight.
The raisins and oats can be found on the top left hand side of the cupboard, to the right hand side of the fridge.

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