Thursday, 5 April 2018

In the last month a couple of things have happened with the nonprofit. I’m busy with Airbnb and restoration of the lounge area at the station. So have limited time. What’s happened?

We had 11 volunteers from world life experience at the station for 5 days and were also given a donation by WLE of 2500 euros. Donation has been accepted, we have a bank account.

Next week a meeting is planned with the major of the town in Zbiroh. Discussion of second uses for the spaces in the station will happen. Example, nonprofit organizations that organize events and trips for the elderly and disabled can use the guest lounge that is being reconstructed. Women on maternity leave that already have gatherings, can use the space.

Have been in contact with the  company that owns the tracks. SZDC. They have agreed to rent the track that is closest to the station. The organization that runs the legion train has also expressed an interest in having the historic train park here at the station in 2020. Both rental of tracks and negotiation with the historic train, seem best to be a process that would go through a nonprofit. At the moment trying to put a group together that would like to be involved in that. A lot of details. 

Planning how to spend the funds we have. Thoughts. Work out what grants are relivant to the station, employ professional grant writers to apply for grants and subsidies. 

Steps. Setup website, social media, mailing list, transparent accounting, communicate with other nonprofit that’s are interested to use the space. 

The largest demographic of people that live close to the station, are the elderly. Having a bus that might drive and pick people up and bring them to the station  for gatherings, once a week or month. Is something possible. 

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