Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Interesting airbnb guests- long-term business in e-bikes.

Towards the end of summer i had an interesting couple stay from Germany through the airbnb. They built electric bikes for the long term, the company based in Germany . As i understand it, a lot of bike manufactures are focused on building a bike for the short term. Enviado puts together all its bikes in Germany, yet gets almost all its parts from China, they are built as robust as possible. Most of the bikes needed for the courier market, are used in a disposable way by the drivers, especially if a driver might be working for Domino's pizza or another company. The company is focused on this market. Through my view it seems like China has cornered the world into a situation, where most parts and products come from that part of the world. Yet China can't offer immediate service if a battery is faulty, or if a bike somehow fails. I think companies in Europe that build to spec for the market here can maybe thrive. My thoughts are that as time ticks on, less cars are going to be on the road, more e-bikes. Maybe driverless delivery vehicles, made from e-bike parts. who knows? The consumer market looks to be based on the short term. A bike company that imports complete bikes from China, does not want to build a battery that lasts longer. Yet a battery that will not allow the driver to discharge its complete charge will last longer, yet not drive so far. Was interesting to meet Sebastian, wishing you guys much success with your business. Thanks for staying through the airbnb.

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