Sunday, 22 October 2017

Czech elections

The elections in Czech were held over the weekend. The new Czech prime minister is Mr Andrej Babiš. While in Czech i have not paid so much attention to the politics, it has always seemed quite confusing. In the media outside of Czech, Babiš is being painted as a Trump. For me they are quite different though. Babiš has a billion more in wealth than trump, yet compare the GDP of the US to the GDP of the Czech republic and you'll see that Babiš is a titan in the Czech economy. It's not possible in any logical way for this man to govern the country in any direction, without having a conflict of interest. A man today told me that while working as minister of finance, his wealth grew from 33 billion Czech Crowns to 88 billion, in a period of 4 years. I'm no expert on the politics in Czech, yet as i know it, the situation in the last years has not been so good for small and medium sized independent businesses, is this man with all his understanding and influence going to make it any easier? Did Czech just become a corporation?

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