Monday, 18 April 2022

Letter to the financial office- best not sent

With little amount of independent small business, and most people in the region employed (direct or indirectly) by larger firms from abroad. My experience as a foreigner doing small business here in this region, is that a large amount of resources within this financial office are focused on monitoring the habits of the smaller entrepreneurs. Example. I was forced into paying a commercial land tax rate for use of rental services. When only a minimum amount of people use these services in this region. Consider: Next to where i live logistic centres are built for larger multinationals, that soak up much of the labour resources (that could be used for smaller business), these centres don't blend in with the atmosphere of the region also. Houses are being built, yet restaurants and innovative services are closing down, or changing hands. The idea that tourism in the region might be good, and entrepreneurs could produce products for local markets, that are home grown. For individuals to be so heavily regulated by this office, with such minimal income is very odd from my perspective. Rather than looking at the region from lateral point of view, I feel this office looks at business through a linear perspective. Legislation designed in Prague to regulate or help multinational corporations mindlessly pounded on the head of the small business person, in a kafka style scenario. For the benefit of who? What's next Mr Financial office, or will you have to call Prague to get an answer on that. 

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