Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Flowers between the tracks

Have just cut the grass in front of the station, I want to see over the next year if I cut the grass in different places, what the effect will be. On different flowers that pop up at different times..I'm told though that a more fertile soil is bad though, as some plants thrive in bad soil. So when you cut the grass, it creates compost. guess this patch work mowing I do will make different things grow, be interesting to see what flowers at what time, evolve. When I arrived at the station. my mum spent 200 pounds on seed from the U.K., of wild flowers, for medows...and we threw it in the middle of the tracks.. maybe it takes some years for all the different things to evolve. It looked like he just sent a bag of grass seed, as it all looked kind of the same, yet my knowledge has got a little better since then.  

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