Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Democracy In Czech.

One of the things I really start to notice is that Czech is not a healthy democracy. It seems that the administration is not responsible for their actions, yet an individual in a democracy working within an administration is liable for not following the law. As I understand? The problem seems that both courts and politicians want persecute or prosecute people within the administration that don't follow the rule of law. This creates a situation where, if someone wants to do something, it seems not a question of how to solve the problem through the use of the law. Yet how to work with the administration, to get things done. This gives tremendous power to the politicians, and makes small business very hard, from my view. And what politician wants to loose that power? A new administration might take all that dead wood out of the system, yet with so much corruption already in motion, its not likely, or not? In my situation, applying for grants and subsidies for the stations re-construction, and getting basic things done with the rights that the building has, its best just to avoid the administration. And have a DIY approach. The funds are not distributed in a progressive forward thinking way, its all to do with the kleptocracy here. When people are funded this way for their projects, how do the locals view it? For me, It would be nice to see a real change here in Czech. Yet another one of the problems it seems, is that when Czech people have their rights trodden on, they are worried to protest, as a system full of bent bureaucrats does not much like being told they are bent. Most of these people within the process (those lining their pockets where they can, and exploiting the business through corrupt means) are so full of themselves, that they don't even know they are criminals. In Australia when someone might flaunt their wealth, it might be thought that person innovated to have what they want. In Czech, mostly people think the person stole it. My fear is that 9 times out of 10 they are right. Democracy might be a long time coming to this small eastern european country. Its not much good here, yet not bad enough to leave. 
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