Saturday, 11 March 2017

life in regional Czech

The first thing often a Czech person tells me when I meet them and they know I'm from Australia. "its my dream to go to Australia", this is followed by the question. "why are you here"? For every Australian resident that you have in Czech, possibly a 100 Czech people in Australia... Contributing, doing a lot of jobs Australian's don't want to do. Why are migrants working in Australia, happier. Wages are better, yet things are also really expensive. Things are more relaxed and not so bureaucratic, and as I understand, laws are followed. I guess its hard to compare the two countries. 

Marginalised people are not put into a worse situation, in Czech it seems they are. Also In Czech, the "bus driver", train employee or postal worker, 9.9 times out of 10, are Czech born. In the UK and in Australia, these jobs are more likely to be migrant workers. It's hard for a migrant coming to the Czech republic from a poorer third country, to get a job in one of these state companies. Maybe a language barrier exists, yet I think its not just this.

Most Czech people in the regional areas work directly or indirectly for large state companies, or the big multi-national ones. In some small towns you only have the pub, very few small business's, and as I understand after the communism big business was given a lot of tax incentives to come here, to create jobs. Yet In the long run this has made it really hard for small business to get a grip, and gradually most of those small business's owners, have been forced to work for bigger companies or retireThe large Czech bank "česká spořitelna" in Zbiroh a couple of months ago closed, its branch office is now a Vietnamese store, selling basic supplies. In the last months i've seen about 5 shop front business's close in Zbiroh, run by local Czech people, mostly it seems because of this new tax, its called the EET Tax, you can read about it at this link. 

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