Thursday, 7 January 2016

Getting subsidy for improved energies. Letter to company.

Thanks very much for your help with explanation of subsidies available from the state for help with making the building more efficient for energy use. Could you let me know when the next application process starts?

Some irmation about this building.

- I purchased the building at the start of 2015. So this is my first winter here in the space. 
- At the moment i'm using coal, wood and electric heaters to heat the old railway station,
- I'd like to move away from this energy use, at least partly, some sort of central boiler for all flats and building.
- The building is not connected to the gas, application has been made, yet low density of population around the station, means that connection is not likely.
I plan to start a process of restoration of the building in 2017. The railway station has 6 flats, station areas and restaurant. Attached are pictures of the station, under snow.

With current weather conditions at the station, i really see that some sort of better heating is needed. Any advice on how your organization could help is appreciated.

"its interesting that these green savings are only in the city, i guess this fits in with x-presidents idea, that global warming is not happening. In so much as, air quality in regional areas are of no consequence. " unto the EU to take care of the regional areas....

Hello Mr Young, 

thank you for your e-mail and more explanation.

New Green Savings Programme supported apartment buildings, which are located in Prague. You have the apartment building with historical  railway station in Zbiroh.

The part of building use to long-term housing may be get support from the Integrated Regional Operational Programme. The Integrated Regional Operational Programme is dealing with improve  reducing energy performance, buying new heat supply, installing therm solar collector or solar photovoltaic systems. So called IROP started since 18.12.2015 and will be until 30.11.2016.

I recommend you call to phone number 800 200 200 belongs phone line Eurofon and you can ask them about IROP and support apartment buildings and cultural monuments. IROP have a for Pilsen edge specifically phone number +420 725 793 625 or (Ing. Pavla Bátíková).

I hope that your planned implementation may by supported from IROP or other grant titles from EU.

Best Regards

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