Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Job List

-wash the windows on the platform -area beneath the windows.
-Paint inside windows of room to the left when you walk out the corridor from the flats onto the platform.
-change glass on airbnb flat with another door, its in the well room.
-move windows and doors from the warehouse.
-move metal lockers into the wood room.
-scan plans for building and put online.
-improve airbnb profile.
-things to do in the area for workaway people and airbnb- links to Plzen.
-maps for walks.
-translate menu's to English for local restaurants.
-walk to the station and back. make a video. use microsoft program to make it smooth.
-bike rides in the area.
-find out about bee's.
-put the plants in the right places around the station, with regard to weather and heat for winter.
-dig trench from bath tub to the side, cut the
-bottles in the flat downstairs.
-put up prints in airbnb flat.

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