Saturday, 7 March 2015

Zbiroh Nadrazi

My cousin sent me this link..
Readers assignment railway stations around the world

I wrote.

Recently i bought this old railway station from Czech railways. I'm a songwriter from Australia, living at the railway station now. Its a huge building, built in the early 1900's. Building has a great potential, i'm not really sure what i will do with the space at this point. The first couple of months of owning the building, all i have been doing is cleaning the place up. Have removed about 5 tones of rubbish from the building. Have been getting volunteers to help me through the website, they have been totally super and really like the place.

The station was in use up until 2012, the trains still go past Zbiroh train station, yet stop now about 1km down the tracks. A nice walking path links the stations together. Because the station was on a curve, under new EU laws the station was dropped from the tracks. The building has a restaurant, 6 flats, huge station areas, station master area and ticket sales area, has 4 other buildings that surround the station. Its got a really great atmosphere. The roof is in good condition, has the new energy proof windows put into all flats, pipes have been updated. 

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