Saturday, 7 March 2015


-film production companies.. renting space for film clips and so on.
-steam trains might stop
-cajovna- tea room.
-bike, car stop point, bikes can stop and start. maps of where people might go. its on the bike path
-community shop, for people that drive past- quite a lot of traffic drives past
-some sort of live music space- important that artists that make their own things have a place to put them..
-gallery, residents for artists.
-have a carriage/old sleeper that might be connected to the electricity and septic. people could live in or make some sort of small business.
-the separation of the station, different parts. putting the station back to the way it was.
-the tracks remain in place because of the grain cylp next door.
-using services such as air b& b to bring people from the highway to the station for over night stay

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