Wednesday, 18 February 2015

reason for disconnection of Zbiroh Nadrazi

I found out that the main reason why the train station was disconnected was because the station is on a curve, the track could have been straighten up, yet as quite a large bridge was built so cars driving towards Zbiroh could drive over the tracks, it was not possible for the tracks to be straightened up because of the bridge, I'm guessing that the position of the national grain reserve next to the station was also part of the reason why the tracks were not straighten up as well.  It seems that laws have been around for sometime to not allow for stations to be on a curve in the European Union, so when the rail company allowed the roads and traffic authority to build the bridge, they must have known at this point, that Zbiroh would have to be disconnected. Bridge was a huge investment. Although the grain silo is not actively using the tracks, the connection to the tracks remains active. The track is not connected for access to trains going in both directions though, trains can only be driven out or reverse in. Both tracks belong to the rail company. It appears that the switches that operate the tracks are still in operation. Interestingly enough i found about 20 containers of fluid that are used to lubricate moving parts of the tracks. This oil is quite flammable, all these containers were on the top floor of the building next to the attic door, so if a match had struck those, the whole building would have gone up in flames quite quickly, I'm guessing. I've moved them.
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