Wednesday, 18 February 2015

ready for spring- gardening

Over the last weeks i've found out a lot of things about the building. Most of the problems I've found revolve around contractors not finishing their jobs. The pipe for the plumbing of the bath in the top flat does not connect to the grey water, goes straight into the wall. Much of the roof was left inside the roof, by the company that took the roof out. The whole platform has been ripped up to remove the electric system that powered the trains, potentially dangerous holes have been left open.  I'm not sure if the cable was ripped out because it had value, or to prevent any easy reconnection of the station.To my mind it looks like a lot of jobs were done around the station, yet not completed. This is the most likely reason why only 2 of the 6 flats have been rented out by the Czech Rail. Rather than attacking the problem head on, I'm taking my time with each problem, going around the problem, finding a temporary solution, and then moving forward. None of the problems are major, I'm being patient, waiting for the right person to find the job.

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