Tuesday, 2 May 2017

immigration for people from Third countries without the capacity to employ commercial legal advice.

My thoughts on the issue.
I feel that if i had paid a commercial lawyer, this problem would not have happened. From my view the situation I was in shows a bigger problem with immigration in Czech. Example. That problem being that immigrants from third countries that can't afford commercial lawyers might be treated in a similar way to me, if they would use a lawyer, from a non-profit organization. If this is true then people who can't afford commercial lawyers from third countries might be using agents to get them here, those agents could potentially be making deals with your administration. If so. I think this situation gives those immigrants brought here by agents living here in Czech far less rights, than those that use commercial lawyers..  My experience tells me this is what is happening, yet i sincerely hope i'm wrong.

I wrote this to the ombudsman office. Using NGO services and the result and consequences for Czech state ministry of interior being the biggest funder of no-profit organisations involved in immigration. Biggest example. SUZ.  Most employers i have met seem directly or at least partly paid for by the ministry interior. 
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