Thursday, 5 February 2015

floor pulled up

Pete and Que have been staying at the station, doing a great job. Fixing up a room so people can stay and work, and pulling an old rotten floor out of the bottom floor flat. The wooden floor had most likely been put in when the old bricks were taken out. Vinyl was then put over the wood, and water built up in the wood. The wood over time has rotted to almost dirt in places. Not sure what the long term solution is for these bottom floor flats.

some other conversation notes.. from conversation. I spoke to the architect, and she suggested that i possibly pave the flat, as that is how it was probably done. Might allow for better breathing of the dampness. mentioned that its hard to know how to deal with the building until you have a holistic view of the place with a plan..Yet i'm not sure the place is ready for that, maybe in a few years when it has some regular income..
What do you think? I'm thinking put down cheap waterproof ply wood with a layer of reflective foil. See how that works for a while, places can look quite interesting with this style floor with a combination of vintage furniture. Seems that its best to see how cheap materials work, and then do the job properly. that could include digging the floor out and putting rafters in so the wooden floor might breath. 

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