Thursday, 8 January 2015

uses as a cultural space

Something short to describe where i'm at with things.
At the moment i'm focused on the very basics with the station. Getting the electric changed over, and more lighting around the building to prevent vandalism. I've been in contact with Major of the town, he's interested to see the space used somehow by the community. The station is on the bike path, and roughly about half way between Prague and Plzen cafe, art space, bike hostel, convention space, could be some of the uses for the place. Quite a few cars travel past the space often, so it could also be a good meeting point for the locals from towns around. Also, with the building having 7 flats and a huge attic, this offers the potential for artists to live at the place. I've had contact with an organization that manages steam trains, the tracks in front of the station still join with the main line, yet only go one way.

 sent a link  to PDF on how to manage a cultural space independently.
also a link with stories and experiences

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