Monday, 22 December 2014

second look inside.

pictures Danyl Downer

I visited the station yesterday with an architect from the UK (Danyal Downer), he's done a lot of work with many historic buildings in Czech, he pointed out the things that had to be done to avoid further deterioration and things to think about down the track. his view is that the structure is good, nothing is immediately dangerous.

Problems that need attention.

Windows- The new plastic windows installed created a different flow of water onto the timber, the wood had not rotted, yet its kind of washed away, potentially rotten and moldy. Possibly a treatment liquid to prevent any rot or mold with copper covers.

Roof- The roof has two points that leak, one is in the restaurant, one is in the station area, as you walk up the stairs. Both these leaks are because of leakage around the chimneys.

Rot because of Vinyl floors- Because vinyl was on the floor of the two bottom flats on the ground floor, its created problems. The moisture from under the ground has not been able to get out of the flat. Its accumulated in the wood. In one flat the whole floor needs to be replaced, and the beams probably need to be treated to destroy the mold. In the other flat possibly only the Vinyl will need to be taken out.

Cracks- Crack on the side wall under the toilet block, seen as you walk up onto the platform. on the far right wall of the whole station.

Tiles- Some tiles on the roof have slightly deteriorated, could be replaced or treated.

-Security on platform to prevent vandalism and theft of fixtures.
-Electricity needs to be understood, what works, what does not, what is dangerous.
-Need to understand what pipes do and don't work. Is it safe, potential leaking points.
-Hot water systems need to be tested in all flats and restaurant.
-Leaks need to be fixed.
-Timber on windows sills needs to be treated.
-Chimneys might need a sweep.
-Wooden floors could be sanded back/ oiled or varnished.
-Wooden boards could be put on windows on the platform to prevent further vandalism.
-Storage area underneath the building needs to be cleaned out, create airflow, remove dampness.
-Clean all rubbish out of the attic.

Thanks Alion and Danyl for giving up your weekend time to look at the place.
Invaluable help.

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