Friday, 28 November 2014

condition of flats- station has a total of 6, possibly 7 flats.

The flats were lived in up until the early 2000's. Tracks now run about 30 meters further from the window, the windows replaced to stop sound and keep the heat in. Floors are wooden. Each flat has its own electric hot water system and coal/wood heater/cooker, electric heaters.  Storage for each flat on the ground floor for wood and/or personal items. Flats have new electrical switches, a pity as all the bakelite switches have been pulled out. 

electric heaters

After the windows were changed, no-one lived in the flats. Not sure of the reason for this, yet it could have been because of noise. Yet tracks have now moved 30 meters further out.

storage areas under the station

Well under the station, supplies all water, not connected to the town water.

The building is not connected to the local sewage system, so waste has to be collected by a waste disposal company when its full.  Would be a big tank, as the station had a lot of use in the past.

Garbage collection point.

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