Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kařez, Borek To Praha- Transport - Zbiroh Nadrazi

Trian leave Prague Hlavni Nadrazi 23:40 arrives 00:38

Karez is very close to the railway. Trains go from Prague to Karez in about an hour, much quicker than i expected. Its a 5 min bus ride from Karez to Borek, Borek bus stop is at the Zbiroh Nadrazi stop. This makes the situation a little different from my point as well. Although the trains are not going so often, they leave often enough for someone in Prague to be able to think about moving and living. With a regular sized flat in Prague costing around 10,000-15000. A flat at the station might work for some people. Of the 6-7 flats in the building, 2 are rented, yet rented to previous Cesky Dray employees. 


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