Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dealing with Czech railways and parking place for the Czech legion train.

Its quite a complicated thing to deal with any aspect of a part state part corporate company here in Czech, like Czech railways and the company that owns the tracks, two separate companies. When i started here at the station, a couple of years back i started to want to buy the land around the station. The land is available and should be sold, as they have no plan for it. After quite a while they put together a proposal, in order for me to continue with the proposal i had to get a special engineer from the railway company to come here and use a special device to find the cables that were that were active, as they did not know.  They said these cables were right in the middle of the lawn. I had to pay the company to have this man arrive here. The strange thing was that I had seen people when i first arrive, take all these copper cables without permission of the railway company. As they had quite good value. The man at the station assured me that active cables were here, and this land is very sensitive. In other words, I'm sorry, you can't buy this land. Anyway, now I find out that the Plzen steam train club is interested to be in charge of a train on these tracks, the Czech legion train is looking at the possibility of parking their train here permanently in 2020. This is great news, as it would be fun to have this great train here. The last time i spoke with this steam train club, I asked them how much it would cost to bring a train here to shoot a film, and they said 100,000 Czech crowns per day. I was little stumped by that price, as the club is a non-profit. Yet then i realised this was my price. Anyway, the steam train club eventually arrived at the station, after saying they might visit for a couple of years. They arrived without a word, on the same day that i wrote this email to the Czech railway company, asking if they had an ombudsman. Bellow is the email. They seemed like nice people, and i was kind of surprised about it all, this amazing train wanting to have its home here at the station. Yet then i got to thinking, if this steam train club is behaving as they have towards me, in conjunction with the railway company, is this such a good thing to have them in charge of a train parked at the station. Maybe all these mistakes are just co-incidences, yet today the line workers were at the new switch board for the electric tracks. They showed me a map, that showed me exactly where the active cables for the station are, they are right next to the track. It was not necessary for the railway companies to have come to my property and for me to pay for this measure. No cables exist bellow 30 year old ones.  I'll do all I can to get this train here, yet I don't think these companies with non-profits are acting under very democratic principles. I'd like the area's around the station, to be public park lands owned by the council for recreation and well being of wild flowers. Yet I'm not sure the local council is much interested in that, would be nice though.

What the legion train writes on the site.

"Our freedom today was bought many victims and heralded by many battles on the beginning stood Czechoslovak legionaries. Discover with us the way to victory!"

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