Sunday, 23 April 2017

Czech Ministry of interior

The Czech Ministry of Interior is making plans to change the way foreigners from third countries integrate into the Czech republic. Obstacles include the removal of the courts oversight to the ministry interior currently in place, more restrictions on the rights of family members and further restrictions within the labour market. The ministry is not pushing their bill forward with any of the standard legislative process, instead deputy Klučka proposals are seeking to circumnavigate standard interdepartmental discussion on the proposal.

NGOs working closely with migrants in the Czech republic has called on MPs to reject the proposal, explaining that the bill is not in the economic interests of the Czech Republic, goes against the European law and does not take into consideration the constitution. The proposal restricts both the rights of migrants living and working in the Czech Republic, as well as Czech citizens with their family members.

The main objections to deputy Klučka proposals are:

1) Discrimination towards family members of both Czech and EU citizens.

­ Not allowing the employed person to change their reason for being here to that of a family member.


An employed foreigner who becomes pregnant with her husband who legally resides in the Czech Republic and loses her job due to pregnancy, would have to leave the territory of the Czech Republic. (Point A of the proposal) A third country foreigner who has a child with a Czech citizen would not be able to apply for a resident permit after being given a departure order. (Point B)

2) Domestic companies need labour. Creating further obstacles for the migrant worker in a period of economic growth is not in the interest of the Czech republic.


­ Non­payment of road tax would lead to restrictions for the company, announcing the company as an "unreliable employer." Consequently a rejection of current and future employee's application of foreigners. Effectively punishing the foreign workers for the offences of the employers. Reduce the possibility of an employed foreigner to start their own business, increasing it from 2 years to 5 years.

(Point G)

3) Cancelation of the courts surveillance over decisions of the ministry.

­ One of the most serious of all attacks within the proposal (Point I and L) is to take away the independent judicial controls that are currently in place over the courts in the Czech Republic.

Example. A migrant whose application for permanent residence that is rejected will not be able to seek a review through an independent court. The amendments to the law within deputy Klučka proposal on the whole are in conflict with the European law, the European Court of Human Rights and the Czech Constitutional Court. Deputy Klučka proposal limits the possibility of an application for a residence permit, complicates integration for a foreigner already here with their application for a permanent residence and restricts the rights of lawyers and representatives of the rights for foreigners to come to the aid of the foreigner. The third reading of the amendment will take place in the house of commons over the next months. NGO’s are ready to provide comment on all aspects of the proposal.

...I did a re-translation of this document. Shows quite dark direction of Czech ministry of interior towards foreign people, agree? Unfortunately i can't find anywhere where the organisation i did this for would publish it online, maybe because of their association with the ministry of interior, and internal politics with funding they are unable to promote this view. Anyway, so in the end I self publish. Attached are documents I was initially sent and the first translation, I found it so hard to read I wrote it again, i guess they did not ask me to re-do it, so i should not expect them to use it. I don't see how they could have promoted the problem outside the Czech republic effectively with it written in English the way it was.

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