Saturday, 4 March 2017

love thy neighbour

Letter to the NPU & Plzen regional council.

I'm having issues with the way that the traffic flows through my property to a council road. When i first came to the station, the council had a no-through traffic sign, attached is a picture of the sign. By the time i had settled on the property, the sign had been removed by the Karez council. When the property was owned by CD, the road was blocked and only bikes and walkers could flow through it. As CD was a government authority, the blocking of the road was never registered with the council. Yet it surely existed and is a part of the heritage of the station, google maps satellite picture proves it, and I have sent this to the Karez council. It allowed cars to park safely in this area.

Anyway.. Excuse this long story.

My problems with this situation started, when i started to renovate one of the flats, the bus driver who lived over the road demanded that he could park his bus on my property and had a paper from the council that his bus could park where it stood, I presented the property tittle map to the police and the bus was not able to park at the station anymore. The bus driver said he would get the property map changed so he could do so and the major of the town would help him do it. Please note, i have no problem with the public traffic parking at the buildings car park, yet a large object like a bus, takes away from the atmosphere of the building.

Also, the council changed the position of where the garbage bins were located, so they were on council land. This means that the big trucks that collect these bins need to drive through my property. This was done with no thought to the historic flow of traffic.

My concern now is that the Karez council will look to get the property map changed so bus's can legally use the station to park, and do as they please. In other words, my thoughts are that the Karez council would like to make my station a bus depot or more active two way road. The Karez council has very little interest in anything to do with tourism. 

Recently i see that the organization that controls the road has been drawing lines on my property, I'm not sure if they are for gas, or for a change in the property map. Yet I feel even to draw lines on my property, they best seek my permission. I spoke to the lady drawing the lines today, and she laughed at me. 

Best situation would be that the road would go back, so locals can walk through the station without fear of traffic.

Please if you could get back to me with your thoughts on any solution and legality of the road-way as it is now. For example. Can i purchase a sign to stop the traffic.

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